Local Purchase Zone + allows you to increase your income and contribute to the local economy.

Do you prefer to generate income by being your own boss or increase your income as a trader?

Easy! ZONE provides your customizable website, directly connected to our Dropshipping system, to access prices directly from the manufacturer or the wholesaler.

Nobody has ever done what ZONE + is doing share the benefits directly from the manufacturer.

We offer the best prices and the best profit margins in the industry!

In addition, increase your income and enhance your skills by becoming a point of sale and pick-up thanks to the digital strategy of Zone.

Zone + aims to slowly counter the globalization of markets by creating a new economic dynamic, the sharing economy.


This reformulated economic dynamic that allows profit sharing is the start of the economy of tomorrow. It is based on an equation that gives consumers the place they deserve

No charges
No warehouse fees
No packaging costs
No entry fees
No pre-purchase
No financial headache

Through his excellent relationships as well as his manufacturing expertise. Zone + is able to seek a significant reduction in cost prices.

Zone + can even act as a broker. Its healthy structure, its low operating costs and above all its philosophy of sharing are key elements to promote local purchases and thus keep a large part of the benefits in its community. This type of economy is part of a context of mistrust towards the institutional actors of the traditional capitalist system.

In conclusion, a better distribution of wealth is possible.

To do this, you have to come together in a structured way. Whether you are a consumer, reseller, trader or manufacturer, contact us now. We’ll be stronger together.